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Lyett Burger


L yett Burger has been in event and conference management since 1992 where she started co-ordinating public training seminars with Audio Word Seminars and Conventions.

Lyett is currently a member of the PCO Alliance Network in South Africa, which is a select group of Professional Conference Organisers, through invitation only. Lyett was previously a member of Business Women's Association of South Africa for four years, and had been a member of the South African Association for the Conference Industry for 8 years (having served on the committee for 2 of those years) , previous to that a member of the Association for Professional Conference Organisers of South Africa (and serving on the committee for 1 year).

Since starting her career in 1992 as a conference co-ordinator in public training seminars, Lyett has moved through various aspects of conference management including Conference Venue Marketing and Sales and International Travel Venue Marketing, (and including the starting and successful running of Umbono Events and Marketing in 1998, which ran for 6 years and was an accredited professional conference organizer with SAACI), followed by becoming the director and co-owner of Epic Events Africa for 5 years with experience across the spectrum of corporate event management specializing in the financial and IT sector. Lyett took a year off after selling her shares in Epic Events Africa at the end of 2009 to spend time with her family and write a book. At the end of 2010 Lyett started up Gooseberry Event Services providing professional conference and event management services to the industry, following a few requests from clients who insisted on working with her. So as to keep in the industry about which Lyett is extremely passionate, she decided to get going again albeit on a smaller scale.

Lyett has been training in Event Management since 2005 and has developed a very practical and personally developed method of event management in a foundation two day course for event management beginners as well as a more advanced one day course for the more experienced event managers. Lyett trained in Event Management throughout South Africa, as well as in Namibia during that time covering the private as well as the public sector, private and corporate and has had tremendous feedback on her program outlines and course material.


T racey Morton started her career in events in 1995 and worked her way up in the industry in all aspects of eventing over 24 years in the industry. Starting her career as an events co-ordinator, working in operations, marketing, sales and account management.

Tracey started her career with Conference Agencies, then moved to Reed Exhibitions working on numerous exhibitions across numerous industries. From there she moved to Terrapinn Limited a UK based conferencing company, there she started in operations and worked her way up to marketing manager on various conferences and exhibitions.

After another stint as a professional conference organiser with Epic Events, she reached the highlight of her career in her time as the account manager for all Sun International Sporting events across all their properties nationwide.

Since 2014 has run her own successful business managing staff, financials, and administration, marketing and sales. With the recent purchase of an event and décor hiring company, this dynamic duo have a wide range of professional services to offer to clients.

Recently Lyett and Tracey purchased a Decor and Equipment Hiring company as a strategic acquisition to enhance the services they can offer their clients. TDMLogo